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Bela Crkva

Bela Crkva municipality

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Amateur theater „Žarko Vasiljević„

Amateur theater shows performances of domestic and foreign authors. In the course of it's history it had successful periods. Young people interested in this type of art, take first steps in acting, acquired in the theater or in the drama club of the Bela Crkva Gymnasium, which has for years led by the Russian language teacher Valentina Kasteljanov.

Boy scout troop "Žarko Zrenjanin Uča"

The troop was formed in 1955. As an organization which deals with youth it participates and organizes numerous campaigns, camps, competitions, fraternizations and participates in international exchanges.

Biker club R.I.P.

Formed in 1999. The main activities include humanitarian work, group rides and organizing the famous Bela Crkva bike show.

Association "Diligent hands Bela Crkva"

The association has about twenty members. The goal of their work is on the empowerment of women, education of young people. They do not lack talent, which is proved by frequent exhibitions of handicrafts.

Lifeguard service

10.06.2013 Bela Crkva lifeguard service commenced operations. Spread across all Bela Crkva lakes the service consist of 24 lifeguards. It should be noted that Bela Crkva is the first municipality in Vojvodina, and the second in Serbia (after Belgrade's "Lifeguard service Stari Grad"), which organized this kind of service. Lifeguards are available to tourists from 01. June to 01. September.

DOO Bc info

The first radio announcement was made in 1996. by radio Bela Crkva. The station currently airs 18 hours of radio program in Serbian language and the languages ​​of national minorities (Czech and Roma).



Contact: Dragan Milojević:064/4049567

Scuba diving

KPA Bela Crkva
Contact: Dragan Peraševic 063-420095, Slobodan Savatović:064-2343781

Sailing and boatin

Sailing klub „Panonija 1975“
Contact: 061-2929-479, 013-852-487

Paddle boating

Spots venues:

Tennis fields: Miki: 061-6655940 Vladan: 065-3140280

Hunting and fishing

Association of sport fishermen Kapitalac
Contakt: 064-3181978 Ljiljana Jankulov

Tour operators in Bela Crkva

Tourist agency Andrijatic travel

1.Oktobra 85.




Tourist agency Veltours BC

1.Oktobra 44.




Restaurants, bars and fast food




Bakeries and pastry shops


Important phone numbers »

Bus Station (JATP Bela Crkva) 013-851-091
Millenium taxi: 013/851-000; 069/851-00-00; 0800/051-000
Lukoil gas station: 013-851-291

Police – 192
Fire brigade – 193
Ambulance – 194
AMSS road help – 1987

Komercijalna bank B.C 013/851-200
Vojvođanska bank B.C 013/851-988
Bank Poštanska štedionica 013/853-034;853-044
Exchange office: Euro-Max 013/852-645
Tourist informational center: 013/852-354

Upcoming events


Underwater Santa Claus

30.December 2015.

On the main Bela Crkva lake , organized by the club for underwater activities "KPA Bela Crkva" and the Tourist Organization of Bela Crkva, children greeted underwater Santa Claus.


VII International tourism and etno tourism fair in Kragujevac

26.11. - 28.11.2015.

The Tourist Organization of Bela Crkva municipality promoted it's activities on a stand during the VII International tourism and etno tourism fair in Kragujevac, from 26.11. to 28.11.2015.


Tourism fair in Novi Sad


The Tourist Organization of Bela Crkva municipality promoted it's activities on a stand during the Tourism fair in Novi Sad from 08.10.-10.10.2015.


Bela Crkva spirits festival

22 August 2015

On Saturday, 22. August 2015. in Bela Crkva, restaurant "Jezero", the first spirits festival was held.


Oldtimers in Bela Crkva

18 June 2015

The "Easyly through Serbia" rally of oldtimer cars had driven through Serbia for the fourth time. This time the rally drove through Banat, and the motto was "Richness through diversity".



Away from Belgrade


Sunny days in Bela Crkva


Tourists per season

About us

The Tourist Organisation of Bela Crkva was founded on 08.05.2003. The founder of the Tourist Organization is the Municipal Assembly of Bela Crkva. Tourist Organization of White Church is dedicated to promoting tourism in the municipality of Bela Crkva. In addition to these basic activities, which includes visits to tourism fairs and other events where Bela Crkva is promoted. The task of the organization is development of tourist services, and the expansion of facilities and activities that guests should be offered.


Contemporary events are not exclusive, but on the contrary, open, opening casual communication with many participants, visitors. A casual way to promote local tourism.

Events are an important social and political factor for the promoting the identity of local communities, but also a way to drive economic development of the country as a whole.

Bela Crkva tourism

The aim of the organization is to develop tourism potential, modernization of supply and cooperation with similar organizations at home and abroad and providing assistance to entrepreneurs interested in starting their own business in the field of tourism.


Through participation in trade fairs, we successfully promote tourist potentials of our community. Distribution of printed materials, direct contact with the visitors of the fair, attending panel discussions and planing cooperation with other tourism organizations in Serbia.

Tourist information center

Tourist information center (TIC) opened on 31.03.2012. It is located on 1. Oktobar street, number 49. Working hours: Mon-Fri 07:30-14:30.
You can get all informations and brochures concerning Bela Crkva, or buy souvenirs, maps and postcards with Bela Crkva motifs.


Our Team

Novica Jovanović


Tanja Sekulić


Zdenka Bogosavljević


Lujza Licko



Need more informations? Please contact us.

Visit our offices

Address: Proleterska 2. 26340 Bela Crkva

Phone: 013/851-777

Email: turizambc@gmail.com

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